When we are about to go away for few days, whether for business purposes or pleasure, we go through a lot of pictures, make reservations at the amusement parks and water parks. However, there are a few things that we might actually forget, in the rush of all the packing and last minute errands. Have a list of things you want to take, and tick away as you pack.

Your medication

Make sure you take all the medicine you need. If you are going to be away for a while, make sure you take enough stock, or double check if the same brand is available locally. Same applies to your shampoo and other products that you are very particular about.

Take the right clothes

Find out how the weather will be like, at your destination during your stay, and pack accordingly. If the place is famous for scalding hot sun one day and heavy downpour the next, take clothes for both the hot and cold weather. It is a known fact that everyone is expected to travel light, but if you are one of those people who like to take loads of ‘nice’ pictures, make sure you have nice outfits and what not, to make yourself look nice in the pictures. Visit this page if you are looking for corporate car transfers.

Your transport

Yes, a plane will take you to your destination, but what happens afterwards? You might want to dig deep in to the transportation systems in the said place, as not all countries have good public transport systems. It is possible to take a taxi whenever you want to get out and about, but getting yourself registered to a chauffeur car service will guarantee the availability of a ride, at any timeof the day, and will be cost effective as the taxi in developing countries, charge at least twice the normal rates, when they realise you are a foreigner. 

You could start using the chauffeur car service Melbourne from the time to get off at the airport, until it’s time for you to hop on the plan back.

The electronics you need

Carefully pack the phone, the hairdryer, the hair straightener, the iPad etc. Make sure to take all other required gadgets like chargers, cables etc. Don’t forget even the trivial things like a selfie stick. You will need all of it.

Your eyewear

If you wear medicate contact lenses or spectacles, make sure to take an extra pair. This is especially true I you use a hard lens, that needs to customized to the shape of your eye. It is not possible to get things like that done in a hurry, in a place that is strange to you, if you lose it. So, take extras. Don’t forget the contact lens solution, and a few extra cases. Make sure to take your shades too.