‘First impression is the last impression’ is an oft repeated phrase that might not be true in all the cases, but still holds significant weight especially while judging a person on a personal level. This is true while going on a date as the first date is the deciding factor of what happens next. Whether things are going to work out and whether future dates are to follow or not depend on how well the first date went and on the impression created on the first date. Therefore, if you are looking forward to future dates and for things to work out make sure to create the right impression on the crucial first date. 

Girls like to be made feel special and get attention. This must be remembered while going on the first date. The place where you are going to take her out must be decided carefully. A classy romantic restaurant where delectable food is served and the ambience too is pleasant without much noise can be chosen for dinner. You can go all out and avail the service of chauffeur driven car hire in Melbourne to pick her up for the date.

A chauffeur driven car creates a great impression and also lets you both sit back and relax. A bouquet of flowers for the lady while picking up your special date will be a perfect gentlemanly touch. Even though the car might be chauffeur driven but if you open the door for her it will display how well mannered you are. While making this grand arrival, ensure to reach on time and not keep the lady waiting. Hence choosing the right car hire service is highly essential to reach on time.

At dinner let your date decide the order and in case you are ordering enquire about her preferred choice of food and allergies, if any, before ordering. The conversation during dinner must not steer towards too personal or intimate but must be engaging. Topics like food choices, hobbies, interests and movies. General conversation can break the ice but exes and other uncomfortable topics must be avoided. Also, the phone is a big distraction and it must be kept on silent. Repeatedly checking messages and whatsapp images can seem rude and put off the other person.

Another aspect that needs to be taken care of before setting off for the date is your attire, dressing sense and personal hygiene. Since you are going out of your way for the date, take efforts to groom too. Bad breath, body odour and ruffled hair can all put off your date. Also, care to dress up in clean formals instead of showing up in laid back t-shirt and jeans.
The overall effort made for the date will show and help win over the date, thus creating the perfect impression.