There are situations when you need to travel extensively throughout the country, but this does not have to be a burdensome experience. You can hire both the limousine and the driver either for just one time, or for an ongoing collaboration, and travel in style whenever needed.

Most companies offering a high quality chauffeur service only employ career drivers who are licensed and insured, are well-mannered, and usually drive luxury cars. Aside from driving and maintaining the cleanliness of their cars, chauffeurs are also able to offer customized services to their clients; the drivers can be reached during the day, irrespective of the time, and can pick you up from any location.

High-level companies require their chauffeurs to take additional driving and safety classes, but while skills are important, experience is even more so if you and your top-level clients are to reach your destination safely and comfortably, for example, when the weather is bad. Sometimes, as part of the chauffeur service offered by the company, drivers may also act as bodyguards, but don’t expect this to be the case every time; instead, ask beforehand your account manager or another company representative whether their drivers also have a bodyguard training.

About the booking process

Some companies offer through their websites the possibility of getting an estimate of their services. You simply need to enter the time and address where they have to come pick you up and the location that you need to reach, as well as any stops you wish to make along the route (airport, train station, museum, etc). In case you won’t be traveling alone, you can also add the number of passengers to get a more accurate estimate, and in case you will be travelling with a baby, make sure to request a baby seat during the booking stage.

Just to give you an idea, more affordable companies typically charge between $1.6 to $2.0 per kilometer for standard fares, and around $2.5 per kilometer when there are more than 5 passengers. Also, if you need to book a car late at night, there is an extra fee for making a reservation over the phone, as compared to the standard charge, while country rides are somewhat more expensive than urban fares, even during daytime.

Note that you will have to pay in advance for your taxi fare, and you will have a number of hours to do that, but you will have to check with the company of your choice the exact time frame when you can make the payment. Executives can request corporate billing and more detailed invoices if they need to deduct these from their expenses.